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Installation of DistEns player

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Thank you for using DistEns player.


This software operates only with Windows (98, Millenium, 2000, XP, Vista and 7)


Download and install

When the download window appears, clic on Run.

At the end of download, the installation program starts. Follow the instructions.

If some components are missing or are too old, downloads are proposed.
In some cases,you will have to restart installation.

When installation is finished, a shortcut to the player on your desktop and a folder DistEns in the Start Menu are created.
At least read once the documentation, it will enable you to use at best the fonctionnalities of the player.
If you make an update, you wil find the new fonctionnalities.

Playing the lectures

You can attain  lectures in four ways to extent they are proposed:

We hope you will have a good use of DistEns.

D.Hasboun & F.Boudin